Why choose us?

PORTERS builds, designs and structures business plans for SMEs and startups.

Why choose us?

Because financial digitization is no longer a matter of saving costs or solving a problem. It is a matter of SURVIVAL.
Because the same people and companies that make up the vast majority of a country's business fabric are the first to disappear if they make a small mistake.
Because it is not fair that you do not have access to the most advanced financial tools, on which the success and survival of a project or company depends.
Because the same people and companies that make the economy work as we know it, are the first to disappear if they make a mistake.
Because the most important thing for a company to succeed is to study the behavior of its financial variables, in order to know in advance the impact that any decision, hypothesis or strategy we want to implement will have on the company.
Because financial modeling is the only way to know if the economy will allow your company to get into it, or on the contrary, it will spit it out.
Because Porters Group wants to help entrepreneurs and change one of the failures the world has.
Now I ask you a question, Why wouldn't you control your business with the same AI that controls major projects and companies around the world?
Formulas do not deceive... it is a universal language and it is exactly the same for all companies. Everything in this life are numbers, if we learn to control them, we can anticipate them. By studying their trend and behavior, we can anticipate the numbers and be in complete control of the company.
Porters Group is not a consulting firm, it is a financial tool for people and by people. For anyone who has an SME and depends on it.


The aim of our tool is to simplify risk when making decisions. To make this possible, our tool creates a numerical skeleton of the company, in order to obtain a totally transparent image.

Thanks to this, we are able to represent the reality of the company in the simplest way possible, while still being a realistic reflection of its situation.

Being an abstract model, it allows us to simulate various scenarios or hypotheses before making a decision, showing us a projection with the economic consequences it may have. The entrepreneur will be able to project the financial statements according to the historical one, to be able to understand the behavior of the company and to be able to take the correct decisions and not to get bogged down with irrational decisions.



The economic and financial behavior of any business can be studied in the short and medium term (4 years). Analyzing its objectives, needs and key aspects.


Our AI takes into account all the aspects that comprise a company (obligations, needs and difficulties). It is programmed to allow you to see the trend of the data, the why?, of each obligation, need or difficulty. This allows to see the evolution of results according to historical and hypothesis in real time.


Budgets are created that reflect the client's objectives: income, costs, investments, cash flow, among others. In this way, the whole company can be planned, controlled and managed without any problem. Avoiding unforeseen situations that could lead us to undesired situations.

We specialize exclusively in financial models, independent of any group, either industrial or financial. We provide financial advice that is valid for all participants in the same project.

We are convinced that when looking for financing or simply starting up a project, specialized and reliable "tools" are needed that allow them to know and quantify the possible risks. This will allow them to react and manage structural changes in a more agile way.



  • You simplify risk in decision making


  • It allows you to give shape to and make concrete the entrepreneurial idea


  • It allows you to create alternative plans in case your company is suffering from a stress case.


  • It allows you to know in advance the impact of any changes we make to the company's financial structure.


  • It allows you to have control over the debt and liquidity of the business.
  • It allows you to know the true financial status of the company.


  • It makes it easier for us to make strategic decisions.


  • It allows you to manage the treasury


  • It allows you to know in advance the possible needs that your business may have


  • It allows you to know the true financial status of the company.