Entrepreneurship in times of COVID

The Coronavirus health crisis has created a stress case in virtually every sector of the world. SMEs from all the world are going to face the biggest financial crisis ever experienced. You need and must rely on AI and technology to create a tailor-made strategy for your company.
Right now all SMEs have the same goal: to survive this financial crisis. The main objective is to detail a scalable action plan for a slow exit and a faster recovery. To achieve this, we must detail a long-term strategy with short-term objectives.
Our tool allows you to visually and intuitively see that ultimate goal. In addition, it tells you month by month what your objectives are to reach the goal. If one month you do not achieve your goal or on the contrary you exceed it, the AI will update the future projections taking into account your historical data. Allowing you to have absolute control of your business.
Thanks to our tool, we understand the behavior of the economic variables of our strategies. They allow us to see in advance the future cash-flow needs that our business may have. In this way, we are prepared not to end up in undesirable situations. Formulas do not deceive... it is a universal language and it is exactly the same for all companies.
We cannot get out of this crisis by improvising, we have to identify the problem and attack it directly.

 Some questions you have to ask yourselves to overcome the crisis:

  • ¿How long is my treasury going to hold up this Stress Case? 
  • What are my Cash-Flow needs going to be?, from here until you start to recover
  • In case of asking for debt, do I know if my Cash-Flow to service the debt will generate enough cash, to pay the interest and amortize it? 
  • When is money going to start coming into my treasury? 
  • How will my income and expenses evolve? 
  • What are my short-term objectives to counteract this crisis?